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Brenda Smith is an Alberta born artist with 35 years of various experience in design, art and color.

My Artist Life
After years of studying and practicing interior design, oil painting, stained glass art, photography, color theory and cake decorating, the discovery of Decorative Finishing lead me to a new focus and business in the world of creativity for 16 years.. 
I feel very fortunate to have discovered the world of Decorative( (Faux) Painting and previously worked with so many wonderful clients in their homes and offices.

Previous to starting Harmonic Surroundings and during it's 16 years, I trained in Los Angeles, Omaha, Calgary and Toronto, learning about the many diverse products that I used creating specialty wall finishes, along with murals.

I had the opportunity to  open a decorative painting school 6 years ago with a product company from the states.  I trained in the USA with a unique line of decorative painting products and opened my studio, teaching Professional Decorative Painting.

A few years ago, I attended a night of Social Painting in Edmonton.  My niece was using one of these companies for a cancer fundraiser.    I decided to bring my own paint event version to Red Deer and area - ART FOR DINNER.

I am now bringing students back to my studio to create wonderful works of art using many textured  mediums and various interesting products and tools, that I am trained in with my background in decorative painting.

One of the most important things I offer, is person-ability.   I keep my events small, so that I am available to help anyone who needs it.  This unique service leaves people very happy and surprised that they come away with an art piece that they can be proud of.

I thank God and the universe every day for this new opportunity.  And I am so grateful for all of the support I have been getting from the people who are coming out to support me.  It has be so very gratifying to see people who have never painted or created before, to leave my functions and art classes with such wonderful art pieces. There have also been some of them who have started painting on their own.   I am so proud of each and every one of you!!!!
I welcome you to join me in my art classes.   It will bring you into a peaceful place that allows you to be present and in the moment, while leaving stress behind.  Encouragement and positivity comes with each class experience.

Brenda lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and works and teaches primarily in the Red Deer area, but on occasion is able to travel outside the province or country if a special project is required. Some of these projects have taken her to the USA and Germany.
Brenda’s years of experience with decorative finishes, art, design and her endless imagination bring great satisfaction to her clients and students.
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